To Catalyse Happiness

Ehsaas for humanity a non-profit organization based in Delhi-NCR is moving forward with the goal of changing lives and bringing hope to families. With the main motto of catalyzing happiness, we aim to provide aids and services to all facets of humanism. Any change begins with a healthy mindset, which leads to the development of a better place to live in and Ehsaas strategizes to not only provide people with good aids for a living but also by spreading ideologies for a healthy and good mindset.

This will help them to nurture themselves and their good ones with values that will give birth to an era of kindness and hope. For the past few years, we have been committed to serving people and extending a helping hand in the hour of need. Ehsaas comprises young brains who work with a strong belief that love and kindness hold the power to restore wellness.

Ehsaas for humanity will continue to work for the welfare of humanity.

It all begin when the sparks to do something for humanity ignited within a heart and lead to the development of a feeling of kindness and hope within others with similar sparks and this was the birth of Ehsaas for humanity.

Here, at Eshaas for Humanity, we believe in the ideology that ‘joy gets doubled when shared’. 

Tracing on the relative step stones, we are conducting several food and clothes distribution drives. We donated nearly 150-200 kg of lentils and rice to the less privileged individuals during the COVID-19 times.

A cloth collection drive was also conducted in the Karol Bagh area, where students from different institutes were generous enough to volunteer in the circulation and reconditioning of the collected clothes.  

What is the utilization of living, if it’s to not attempt for noble causes and to form this befuddled world a more robust and improved place for those that can board it when we tend to square measure gone? However, else will we tend to place ourselves in harmonious relation with the good verities and consolations of the infinite and also the eternal?

And that I avow my religion that we tend to square measure walking towards better days. Humanity won’t be stricken. We tend to square measure occurring swinging courageously forward on the grand high road and already behind the distant mountains is that the promise of the sun.

“In a world where you can be anything, Be KIND”

Happiness can be found everywhere and in everything. It only takes small steps and a big heart to spread kindness, to make someone aware that they are indeed loved and their existence matters just like any other. Ehsaas For Humanity comprises young brains who work with a strong belief that love and kindness hold power to restore wellness.

So how about becoming the reason for someone’s happiness?

Work together with EHSAAS and spread the Ehsaas of love and kindness.

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Ehsaas for Humanity Foundation North Campus, Delhi University - 110009, Delhi

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Ehsaas has been working tirelessly since the last few years in the betterment of human lives through their act of kindness and love.
We pledge to continue on this journey of giving and spreading joy in our lives.
Come and be part of this journey and let’s build a place where there is no sorrow, no tears and every person sleeps with a happy heart.
Take a step by donating to various causes and become a part of the change.